whats the best proggramming language for online games?

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Quote:Originally posted by Patrick
Well the license for the academic version used to say that you could distribute freeware and shareware. Now with the new versions of codewarrior they have clamped down and made it all illegal Sad

Ah thats sad.
They are really going to lose the mac market cause of thing like this.
It not user friendly.
On the other hand they probably do not care much... heres why.

Motorla owns Metrowerks...
This is most likely so they could have a good compiler company + IDE support only there
embedded processors.

Also when CW came out for Windows... even the first version which was well BAD...
They reported somthing like 75% of $$$ comming from windows sales NOT Mac...

Quote:Anyway you are right that it's possible to just ignore the license, but really it's not very nice for a software developer to be illegally distributing other developer's copyrighted works ( the Metrowerks C/C++ libraries ). Sets a bad example for people to pirate your games Sneaky "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and all that.

If the Libs were really the only copyrighted thing referenced in the license...
One could use the GGC libs instead I beleiev Smile

But yes of course its not nice Smile

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