Q: How do you do your texture mapping?

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I'm in the process of developing a tool which I believe will make the process of texture mapping 3D models much simpler and more enjoyable. So, I'm doing a little research as to how you all are currently texturing (creating & mapping) your 3D models.

The following are a number of questions which would greatly help me with the design of the application:
[list=1][*]How do you create your textures and map them to your 3D models? (Examples: Using Meshworks & Photoshop; Using a pro modelling package such as Maya or LightWave 3D)
[*]Do you do the modelling and the texturing?
[*]Do you primarily model using triangle meshes, n-patches, NURBs, or another method?
[*]Do you like or dislike the method you're using now?
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Right now I use Hash Animation Master for all my modeling. It may be buggy, but the modeler (spline-based) is so damn intuitive to me. I export the model to .3ds, import into Carrara, and export to .obj. Then I bring it into UVMapper. I use that to unwrap the model and save a template which I then paint in Photoshop. Finally I load the .obj that UVMapper saves and the texture into my game.

Now the method I'm using could use some definite improvement as it involves an extra program (Carrara) just to convert from Hash to .obj. There's also the problem that .obj doesn't support animation, so I'm going to have to revise this whole method when I decide which animation format I'm going to use in my game.

Oh yea, and UVMapper rocks. It's free, easy to use, and does a pretty good job of unwrapping your model.
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On the couple of occasions I've done it, I've used Wings 3D to do the modeling and the texture layout, then Photoshop Elements 2 to "paint" the texture.
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