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Stumbled across this today:

It's a free audio editor for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 (no longer under development), Linux and Windows.

To my untrained eye, it seems pretty decent. And you certainly can't beat free Wink

Perhaps someone who knows what they're talking about could give it a quick once-over and report back? Make sure you try the 1.2 beta... it froze up once for me, but they seem to think it's a big improvement over the "stable" version.
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Yup. Audacity is shaping up to be a sweet editor - And just about the only low priced/free sample editor on the Mac that's not limited to two tracks. I would also recommend the latest beta, but note that VST support is currently disabled in that build.

Another nice (and free) editor is SparkME. Sadly only two-track though...

I've got a half-decent comparison of those, and other, free/shareware Mac audio apps HERE for anyone interested (bunch of links to free VST plugins too).
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