Which method of saving in an RPG do you prefer?

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NCarter Wrote:If you only provide one save slot, there is actually a penalty for saving too often: if you screw up, you may find that you've saved your mistake and can't get out of it!

Bad Designer! No Twinkie!

Seriously, I would call that a design flaw and not a "penalty" for the player. This is another reason I would tend to point towards save points. Otherwise you would have to do a lot of planning and testing to make certain that a player can never make a mistake she can't get out of because she saved in the "wrong" place. If I had to restart a game because I saved in the wrong place over my only save game file ... I'd probably forget about the game and play a game I can trust. And I'd be very wary of any future offerings from that developer.
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1: I like save-anywhere, I suck at games in general. Having to play large blocks over and over is not fun. It makes you give up on games.

2: I love the game Super Metroid, but again, I sucked at it. I having to fight your way to a boss only to die over and over is not fun. Eventually I beat it on an emulator because I could save wherever. I still hit's me as one of my favorite games even though I feel I did cheat. Same for Deus Ex.

3: Something else to consider: Usually you only want to save when you've done something that you don't want to do again. What do you get in RPG's when you do things (classically anyway) XP. Tie in saving with XP and the difficulty level maybe.

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I would go for a saving scheme as the one seen in Final Fantasy tactics advance.

Basically you would have two situations:

1. Save as much as you like in designated areas: towns, world map, etc...

2. ANYTIME else: You can save, but saving quits the game and as soon as you load the game, the save file is deleted.

just my 2 cents.

- Sohta
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I think save points is good, because it gives the player a challenge to stay near a save point while leveling up, a good thing to do would to put a save point before any major boss battle, and in towns, while in most RPG's there are a lot of towns, so that you can save anytime there and before every boss battle, another good way to save (like most FF games) is to allow the player to save anytime while on the the world map (if there is one) and use save points

just my 2 cents Smile
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Have you considered something like saving at the expense of a thousand experience, or some other cost like that?

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Hmm, i found a good strategy to keep the players thinking real is to save whenever they quit, like, if you have ever played Harvest Moon, they save whenever you quit, so you can't like chop your crops down, and whack your horse, then not save and water your crops and brush your horse, you are responsible for your actions etc..

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I dont like the save anywhere as much as you want in any number of save files, since I know all to many who play tru a game saving constantly thus removing the difficulty.

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I like the idea of a save anywhere but with a penalty. Say you have a side-scroller/shooter/platform/whatever, and to save, you have to make a radio transmission to record your 'mission progress'. But while making the transmission, you are lit up like a christmas tree to any enemies monitoring nearby signals. If you're lucky, nobody will spot you, if you aren't, you'll have a security squad closing in fast, to check out what's going on... and the user can't just reload the save to get out of it; the save is made after the transmission is complete, so whether or not the enemy was alerted, is also saved.
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Maybe the save scheme should be dependent on the difficulty level-- that is, if the difficulty is set to "easy", players can save anywhere, any time, but at higher difficulty settings, there's some sort of save points or penalized saving system. That way, casual players aren't forced to spend more time then they'd like, while more dedicated players won't be tempted to take an easy way out by saving too often.

In any case, an rpg should definitely have an automatic temporary save on quitting, just for convenience.

(EDIT: you might even have an extremely high difficulty setting where no saves are allowed at all, besides the temp. save on quitting)
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