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I'm becoming interested in game development, except I don't know how to make one. I know the basics of C/C++, and I'm learning how to make 3D models with Wings 3D and Art of Illusion. I was wondering if someone who's making a game, could take me along the way to developing a (3D) game so I can learn how it's done, and then have a sense of what I'm doing. Also, if there are any tutorials around on how to make a 3D game, that'd be nice too.
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Get Started with iGame3D Pro

Sign up and send me an email, I'll point you to the recent download, which is currently not online for the public while I'm going through the update process.

You'll be happy to know we just added 3DS import/export, so you can use some of your knowledge of other 3D apps, to get started more quickly.

Hey since you know some C/C++ check out Antack source code here in the resources section, that is essentially the birth of iGame3D Pro, would be a good starting point since we now have an interface on top of the old engine.

Antack the game here

Ha, your in the city, cool.
We can actualy discuss game dev over coffee!
Or gallons of coffee.
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