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I read the other thread, which made me feel like I was lacking a parrot and a peg-leg, and I thought I'd toss this out for those out there looking for cheap (legit) 3D software:

Carrara Studio v1.1 w/ Amapi 3D v5 + interactive training for $30

Just thought that might be helpful for those out there on a budget. It's a cross platform Mac (9.x or earlier, may work in classic mode, I haven't tried it)/Win title, and it has pretty decent documentation, as well.

I got it a few months back, but I still haven't found time to do much with it. Hopefully, some of you will. Wink
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Who da heck runs that site:

Quote:Carrara StudioƓ is the most popular 3D graphics applications for the Macintosh and Windows.

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Quote:Originally posted by Feanor
Who da heck runs that site:


Not Alias Grin
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i currently have amapi v4.15,
thought i'd inform that it
does not run properly under x10.2.4 emulation.

meaning you'll likely have to boot9 or seek a later version of the software
the purplus storefront features a copy of amapi 5.1, which clearly states that its not X compatible might run under emulkation.

who knows...heads up
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