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Quote:Originally posted by OneSadCookie
(which is very much the standard on Windows no matter how undeserving Wink) you'll have to pay through the nose.

Well that's not a first/only... Wink

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Quote:Originally posted by Nevada
Anyway, now back to trying to understand classesBlink (Using a book almost as old as I am).
I'm sure somebody has already mentioned this somewhere but here's a free book on C++ that might be a little more up to date, which I believe is well written. http://mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html
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Quote:Originally posted by Nevada
Ok. So if I do most of the programming (Like game logic, physics, etc.) in plain C++, then have separate functions specifically for, say, file I/O, input, or other system specific calls, then I would only really have to port those particular functions on the different platforms. So that should be a very small amount of code. And, I'm going to use OpenGL (GLUT) for the graphics so I should have no problem there(?). Are C++ compilers really that different on different platforms? If so, then I guess that would be a reason to get CodeWarrior right?

File IO is standard on all systems if you are dealing with the standard stream or stdio.h functions. If you want large file support (~2Gig+) then it's OS calls. File System support (Directories, paths, etc.) varies quite a bit between systems and can be a real PITA. Standard functions are there but aren't really complete for all that you want to do.

OpenGL is common on all systems. It's just the creation of a window for OpenGL that is the nasty bit. That's where GLUT, SDL, insert favourite substitute will come in to handle that. GLUT and SDL will also have an abstraction layer for input so you won't have to worry too much about platform issues there.

Quote:Originally posted by Mars_999
MSVC++ compiler is cheap $99. I use MSVC++ 6.0 and it works great under windows. ...

The 'cheap' MSVC is ~$100 but the thing to point out here is that this version doesn't have the optimizing compiler. It's the simple one that will produce possibly slow code. The pay through the nose one has all the optimizations to produce fast code. Whether or not you'll notice the difference in your project is another matter. For a lot of games I don't think it'll matter. YMMV.
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