New 2D artist needs advice

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Hey, a big console game developer hired me! I have to create interfaces and 2D art for their new fighting game. I need some advice from you guys. How console graphics work? How different are they from computer graphics?

I must also learn Combustion and 3D Studio Max (therefore work on Windows... *gasp*). Are they difficult to learn and master? I have experience with Premiere 6 and Maya 3.

Damm, I hope my previous projects gave me enough experience for that new job! Blink

Thanks for any info and tips

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Well, be sure to remember that the vast majority of the people who will view your art will see it in low resolution
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Console graphics should work just about the same. It all comes down to compressing it into the graphics format required of you. As mentioned above, your final imagery will be viewed on TV screens...

Combustion does not do the same thing as Premiere. Combustion is for compositing, (like Flame or Shake) and painting/animation. That IS available for the Mac, but it's mega $$$ if I remember right.

Maya 3 and 3D Studio Max look similar if you compare features, BUT the interfaces use fundamentally different approaches and there may be a steep learning curve at first. However, the hardest thing to learn in 3D apps is to understand and comprehend what you are working on intuitively. If you were successful with Maya, you should be able to succeed with 3D Studio Max... there will just be a little readjusting upfront.

How difficult this will be for you is hard to know without knowing more about you! Have you been able to learn to use new programs quickly in the past?

Of course, it barely matters how hard it is. Smile

You are hired, and you must DO the work! Wink

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