Haven't done 3D since the dark ages, whats a good start app

Greg Gant
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Hey all, its been AGES since I've bothered to fire up a 3D. Back in 1996 I used to use Infini-D on a PowerTower Pro, which was an amazing setup for the day but super painful. After doing a bunch of work in 1996-1997 in with Infini-D and pushing it too its limits. The pain and trauma made me swear I'd never want to do 3D animation again. I still wake at night in cold sweats from horrible nightmares of waiting for wireframes to render, those god awful "particle systems" and worst of all... the modeler. After enduring many unspeakable horrors I often found myself wishing death apon Metacreations almost as much as I fantasized blowing up ixMicro's offices for making the most god awful graphics cards.

It still stands fairly true, I don't care to animate, but I'd like to create some basic models, mainly so I can exploit Director's 3D. I just want to make simple happy models, maybe like low poly space ships so I can convert my solo shockwave game to 3D one day.

I forgive Metacreation's for Infini-D's suckiness but its best not to mention the whereabouts of any reminents of ixMicro. I still have some unresolved issues concerning an "Ultiment Rez 3D" that still a bit of clearing Rasp
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My suggestions, in order of least expensive:

Meshwork, http://www.codenautics.com
Carrara Studio 2.0, http://www.eovia.com

Someone else posted a list of modellers in the forum elsewhere (freeware/opensource/other). Here's what I remember:

Art of Illusion
StrataVision 4.0

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I recommend Wings3D as the cheapest solution (free). It's a lot better than Meshwork. You can move on to the expensive professional tools later if you want, but it may not be necessary.

You'll probably need to do the cup tutorial on their website to get started.
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Based on what you used in the past, I say get Carrara. It has the features you are looking for, and will remind you in some ways of what you use to do. If you still have your reg. #, you can get a discount to upgrade as well. Tell Eovia I sent you.

Now, if ALL you want to do is make polygons, then yeah, Meshwork or Wings3D. But I think an artist should have th ability of doing more than that. For example, you may want to render hi-res, fully texture images of your models for box art, website, etc.


p.s. Do a search for 3D apps and you will find lots of threads with us going over every 3d app for the Mac.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Support your local developers:
Coalesce by Robert C.

iGame3D Pro by the iGame3D Team

Of course you specifically want to exploit Director, so you are going to have to find an app that supports Shockwave's 3D format, I believe Cinema4D and Lightwave support it.
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I hear you on the MetaCreations point. I have KPT Show! It was a very fine presentation app. But now is marketed by a company that seems to want to hide it from the world. Have they done anyting with it, like add Mac OS X support? Nope!

So I am sitting here looking at the CD-ROM and manual that came with it and wondering if I should just throw it in the garbage. Not much good to me anymore.

So about your 3D needs. You really need to state what you want to model, render and animate.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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