Collision Detection with concave-Polygons

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I am currently writing an 2D-Action game, which needs me to check for collisions between Polygons and the Players Bounding box.
I currently use an algorythm which adds all the angles from a Point to the various Points of the Polygon. It is true (collides) when the angle is > 360∞.
The problem is, that this algorythm doesn't work with concave Polygons, which are required for my game.
Is there another way to do it, so that it works for concave Polygons too?

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I just implemented this myself. This article describes everything you should need:

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well - all concave polygons can be broken down into convex polygons (or triangles) - and then you could collide with those instead. There are some libraries for this (google "triangulation code").

A polygon can intersect with a rectangle - and yet the four corner points of the rectangle are still outside of the polygon - and the vertecies of your polygon are outside of the rectangle - so its possible you will miss collisions - but not likely.

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