3dfx video card drivers source code released!

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well thats what it looks like. i dont know how old they are but the file has source code in it and everything, maybe voodoo on mac os x drivers are possible? i hope so! Smile
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Quote:Originally posted by xDexx
maybe voodoo on mac os x drivers are possible? i hope so! Smile
Sure, but what's the point if there's no software to use those drivers? I doubt theres ever going to be another build of UT for X, and if there was I highly doubt it would have support for some independantly developed Glide lib.

What would be cooler is if apple published a way for OS9 and OSX apps to communicate efficiently. Then you could make a companion set of extension and app (or kernel patch or soemthing) that allow Classic games to use Glide cards (Unreal Tournament, for example, is MUCH better talking Glide to a Voodoo2 than talking RAVE/OGL to anything.

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cant the cards do open gl? there will be a finished version of UT for X. the guy who is doing the mac port of UT2k3 is going to finish it Smile. gosh, i miss glide.
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My Voodoo5 can do Glide/Rave and OGL, but sadly not the a release later then something like 1.2.1, I don't remeber.
I would love to have OS X voodoo drivers, and/or voodoo drivers for the latest OGL.

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Those cards are about 5 generations behind.

Even if you could make them work, they wouldn't run any modern game in any worthwhile fashion.

Rather than spending months trying to get this working, spend months saving your nickels and buy a modern video card. You'll be much happier in the end.

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