Meshwork User?

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Above link is missing an e, should be...
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Quote:Originally posted by macboy
If you have Quesa installed in the right place, it should work. Download the newest Quesa, place it in /Library/CFMSupport and restart your computer.

Thats not the problem, the preview is still broken half the time. For me it works some of the time, others i have to reduce texture resolutions.
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Yep this is the result I'm getting on that clock I posted.
[Image: quesameshwork.jpg]
(read more to find out why!!)

I thought there was nothing wrong with the texture or the model because it looks perfect in T3D Edit. I've also installed the Quesa at the root library as well as the local user library just in case, and restarted and still crud.

By the way the texture in that model is 72dpi and only 124x124...


IT MUST BE A POWER OF 2 (how annoying)


[Image: POWEROF2.jpg]

Man that was frustrating. Hope this helps everyone who is having texture problems.

Please note the textures in the T3D download may not be power of 2, sorry for any inconvienance.
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Has anyone used the T3D app yet? I'd like to see some screen shots of your models in a composition instead of all alone in a Meshwork preview.

I'm surprise noone has commented on that sexy lo-res model in the download.
[Image: bobbette.jpg]

Hey you, stop looking at my wife that way! Mad

If you are like me and use Command Control Shift 4 to make screen shots you may get a shock when the T3D view moves when holding the control key.
To screenshot without this happening, click into finder,
the 3D view stays available, then do your screenshot.
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Quote: Original Post to Meshwork List by Jeff Quan The best optimization I know of is use as few materials as you can possibly get away with (read: lots of pinned mapping). As far as I know (Joe can correct me on this) the graphics file format is irrelevant, since 3DMF stores the textures uncompressed with the mesh. If the above statement is true, using jpegs could hurt your textures -- all jpeg compression artifacts would be visible on the models.

Of course, using as few vertices as possible doesn't hurt, either!
Jeff Quan

Of course, just setting the material without a texture, and using T3D/iGame3D is the BEST optimization of all.
.png files are great!
See Here.
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