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Read through this thread again, its pretty much the list of pro graphics software, listing prices would be pointless since they are subject to change by the time you are ready to purchase them, student discounts and other special offers may apply..

For actually make games, designing them without programming there is :
dim3 -free

iGame3D- free and licenseable

Coldstone for RPG games like on Nintendo

Torque Engine free(RealmWars) and licenseable ($100)

someday there will be Bang3D!

Old Marathon Editors/updated to 3D free

and some card based applications like GameMaker

I should also mention searching http://www.sourceforge.net
for opensource game engines like Crystal space.
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AJ Infinity
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iGame3D looks good! I remember griffin239 and I talked about making something like that in an older thread. Glad to see y'all made it.
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You missed the first thread i started here about it (iGame3D) on the old message board, what a fight, blood and teeth were flying. One of the first responses was "program it yourself" ...uh-huh, people are sooo very helpful.

Then I met Tobi and he said "use the source, the power of the source flows through the engine", or something like that so I chanted the plain text scripto-mantra

get "otherDeveloper"
setb 1,true
storeb "wrong",1
get me
setf 1,999
storef "ego",1
make "iGame3D"

and so it was done.

hehe...well at least in my imagination.....just watched a really awful movie I rented at blockbuster that has my friends and their cool house in it, my old apartment too!.

The Movie was lame, the chicks were hot, and my graphic design is in it! I designed and screen printed Westgate's shirts and T-shirts years ago (1995) and my friend is wearing it in the movie! Cool!
I'm a happy man with his graphics finally in national video stores, after two years of video production, editing and directing with Final Cut Pro, my 10 year old CorelDraw art made the grade. I'm Amazed.

Hmm...if I watch it again, there should be a poster I designed and printed above the guest book the girls sign in blood....if the bad camera work caught it.

Gotta go watch it again.
Blink But not on an emtpy stomach this time Wacko
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AJ Infinity
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I started a thread a while back called "iGame: Apple's next i-App?". It turned into a 10 page long thread also. Sadly, it was deleted. I remember that griffin239 asked me to design the UI and help him with the app. Smile
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pssst "I am griffin239".
Changed .mac email address in July for Macworld and new the .mac service to represent my work, and snag the name before someone else.

I handed out CD's to show attendees and 3D software developers and my buddy at Apple with information, some software (Garage Games' Realm Wars, T3D Editor, something and something else) and this silly video of me talking about iGame3D being a dream product represented by Coldstone, Torque and T3D Editor and everyone making the game dev dream come true with their software..
It was made in a rush, filmed in my bathroom, edited too quickly. I laugh at it now, so I'm posting it to the web Smile
Bill's Keynote 22 megs

I just started using this log-in recently, registered the domain name, Tobi finally adopted the name and changed the engine & application name.

For me the change of nick here became especially important after watching idevgame's macboy take my good friend ..the real macboy's... name and i didn't want the same thing to happen to me and my work.

A shame those "igame" threads have been removed, they contain valuable information for us developers who would like to make the best game making application possible. There are plenty of lame threads still hanging around, for example: "Could Dim3 be the next iApp?"...a thread thats only 4 or 5 posts and has been dead since October, and ends with the dev saying something like "Don't use dim3"!!! Go figure.

I vaguely remember asking you to draw up plans for iGame3D, since I've had several interface designs, but they are based on what I know already (T3D Editor, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro), instead of desires of other people, the people who will hopefully use it in the end, besides myself.

You can still go ahead and dream, and design, its too easy to simply request features, the hard part is interfacing those features! New concepts are hard to dream when we are busy testing the realizations of the old ones!

Well...i've killed a bunch of time here tonight Smile
Must really actually get this new beta out, before the coffee wears out.
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Don't forget that the Quake and Quake II engines are free and open-source (GPL). Considering how many commercial games were spawned by those two engines, I'm surprised more hobbyists don't seem to be interested.
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I am having trouble deciding what I want to get. I want to get a digital Music Keyboard to plug into my mac so I can make music for my games and since I have made up a few songs. The music keyboard cost around $199.99, if there is anything cheaper than that than please let me know. But then I also want a good cheap low budget software that I would like to get. I am going to purchase meshwork 3D since the tools are pretty easy to use, but I also want a more advanced tool for animation and texturing. A tool with UV mapping too.
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How much Money DO you have???? Smile

Search the forums here for PlayerPro, its gone open source and you can make music with it. It used to be..a lot of money.
You can use your keyboard as a music keyboard, its pretty cool, even I can make a song in it, kind of.

See the Meshwork thread here in Art and Audio for something to do animations in with your meshwork models, I've posted the pre-iGame3D version of T3D Editor.
Also I cover U/V mapping.

You might want to start posting new threads depending on the topic you want to dicuss, i.e. Music software/hardware
U/V mapping tools.

I have a feeling you can use Wings3D for your UV mapping needs, then save as 3DS, import to Meshwork, save as Meshwork file and use in T3D/iGame3D. Haven't tested this theory yet. Since its kind of complicated.
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