2D Sprite Tutorial in OpenGL

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I'm having trouble getting started in this and I need some direction. None of the stuff on NeHe really provides exactly what I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial or something that demonstrates how to work with 2D images or sprites in OpenGL?
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Do, like, the first tutorial (where you draw a triangle or a square or something), then skip right on ahead to the texturing tutorial. Then type [font=monaco,courier]man gluOrtho2D[/font] into your terminal.
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Also, you might want to check out SpriteWorld 3.0b1's source code, which has a working hardware implementation using OpenGL.
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Thanks Patrick, I think I found what I needed from the OpenGL code in SpriteWorld.

Also, this page was a big help, in case anyone else ever asks. Smile
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Or you could just look at how Apple does it:

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