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So I'm creating a lot of my game's objects with Lightwave modeler(Since for whatever reason, Bryce won't let me export a lot of stuff to .obj files..?).

I have no idea how to have the Modeler export the texture coords with the .obj file. I just started messing with the program a couple days ago, and it's pretty difficult I'd have to say. But, if anyone could just give me the general idea of setting up texture coordinates and putting a 2d image onto it in the modeler and exporting it correctly, I'd be thankful.

Once I get the general idea, I'd imagine it's not all that hard to deal with.
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AJ Infinity
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Find a texture mapping tutorial on NewTek.com. Learn how to use Weight Maps, images in the Surface Editor, and UV Textures.

As you can probably tell, I don't have time to write a tutorial for you. Smile
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UVMapper is your best friend... Smile


This will unwrap the model and create a picture of the mesh that you can colour over, and will re-export the model with uv coordinates included. It is what I have been using for my work. My graphics guy exports the .obj files from an old version of 3D studio though, so I can't help you much with the lightwave problems.
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You're right, UVMapper is a stud program. Thanks for the reply.
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