My scene is too dark but light is at max

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I don't mean to be a pain but it's for my project which now only has 3 weeks left and I also have to write a 50 page report with it. So if you wouldn't mind trying to fix it ASAP, I would very much appreciate the help.

Again I want to stress that the code you need to look at is only in the file, ignore the other files.

Aside: By the way, does anyone have the free classic dockling on their machine. It is just a little dock extension which lets you know if classic is running. If you have it, remove it because it badly affects the performance in mac os x. It makes the itunes visualizer, movie playback and games jitter periodically. I just discovered this yesterday.

Also, if you have the date and time bug in 10.2.4, please fix the time because it affects compile times. Project builder thinks all the object files are old and recompiles them all every time. This was slowing my compile time down a lot.
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I have sorted it out finally. I discovered by accident that I wasn't disabling GL_TEXTURE_2D from the first model I rendered so as the second model had no textures, it wasn't lighting it up properly.

A subtle but very annoying error and difficult to find in a lot of code.

Anyway thank you all for your interest and helpful comments. I can at last put this thread to rest.
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