Setting up Quesa for Meshworks

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Heya guys,

I'm not all that new to programming, but I am new to Macs... just got my powerbook about 2 weeks ago and Game Programming was one of the first tasks I decided to conquer. The problem I'm having is this: I can't seem to get Meshworks to do the 3D Preview. I downloaded Quesa and moved the library file in the Carbon folder to the CFMwhatever folder in my Library folder... [that sounds a bit confusing] Wacko
Anyway... when I try to do the 3D Preview, it still says that it can't fidn Quesa.
Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Huh

As I just got this Mac, I'm running OS X 10.2.4.

Thanks for the help.
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I haven't been able to make this work with the latest Meshwork / Quesa either. I second the call for help!
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Which library folder did you put it in? It is supposed to go into:
Macintosh HD->Library->CFMSupport

The new build of Quesa seems to work fine on my TiBook running 10.2
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Follow Cookie's steps, I'm running latest Quesa and latest Meshwork beta, and the preview works.
Works with previous version of Meshwork too.

You might have it in ~user/Library/CFMSupport
which is probably the wrong place for it.
In os x you want to view "computer" and find the root Library
if you do not have CFMSupport folder in that folder, create it.

/Library/CFMSupport/Quesa\ Viewer

that is the path of my files,
strange that "\" shows up for the space in quesa viewer's name
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That's where I put it, but it still says it's out of date or not installed... needs version 1.5.4 or later.

I don't get it. Huh
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there is a yahoo newsgroup for meshwork
I've seen long bug threads.
Your best answers to puzzling problems like this one lie there.
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