What features would you like to see in a modeler?

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For me (from a coder perspective, as the height of my artistic talent was epitomized when I learned to draw stick figures Blush ) useful features would be:
  • Low poly spline based modelling. Good tools like extrude and lathe to use the splines.
  • Good coordinate system for determining hard points on a model.
  • Ability to export .obj files Grin
  • Multiple textures, including base texture and optional bump maps, specular maps, and light maps (.mtl files).
  • Adjustable quad pane window setup (top, front, side, and perspective views), so I can grow the top view very large while shrinking the other view to fit, with a menu to revert to defaults.
  • Very quick and easy controls for rotating, zooming, and panning around viewports, with a quick way to get back to a normal view. (something which is usually poorly implemented, I find)
  • Good set of preview rendering capabilities, maybe the ability to do OpenGL renders using custom configured lighting and material setups? Spot renders (as in Infini-D, very useful).
  • Translate model based on COG calculation (volumes enclosed by model?) or by simply picking a coordinate to be the new center.
  • LOTS of undos! Maybe even some sort of internal versioning system?
Bones and motion properties would not be useful for me at all (doing space-ship models), so maybe a way to turn off, or hide all those features so they don't confuse me Cool
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I'd love a modeler like Animation Master. The process for model development is very intuitive in my eyes.
(However, a 3-D app that doesn't quit/crash/and bug out unexpectedly)

-The model will be "spline and patch based" retaining limitless resolution and editing capabilties. User selectable subdivision of patches for low polygon count when exporting for game.
-Exportable model in all industry standard formats
-app capable of importing pict/tiff image as a window background or separate resizeable object (this allows modelers to trace the different views of a drawing/illustration and more precisely model the character.)
-hierarchical grouping of 3-d objects and forward kinematics system (i know this is an old school approach but that's how 3D animation was done 6 years ago.) if possible, but not needed, inverse kinematic system.

I think for a 3-d based app to be useful for the masses it'll be best to allow modeling, texturing , and animation within the same app.

this way the app can be used for any kind of medium (game/mechanical design/3d film, etc)

(Retro-infused games for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac)
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