Distance in a shootem up 2D

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Quote:Originally posted by OneSadCookie
so you might as well multiply by the inverse of the square root[/b]

This would likely be a perfect place for fresqrt, as that's exactly what it gives you Wink

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Thanks! That's been something I've had commented out for a very long time now, and it's great to finally have it working. Every sqrt() function that I was forced to leave in my main loop code made it feel that much more dirtied Rasp

just to recap what I had to do to get this working:

#include <ppc_intrinsics.h>

float qsqrt(register float arg)
register float res;

if (arg == 0.0f)
return 0.0f;

res = __frsqrtes (arg);
res += 0.5f * res * (1.0f - arg * res * res);
res += 0.5f * res * (1.0f - arg * res * res);
return res * arg;

and in my active target settings, under gcc options, I had to add:
to other c compiler flags.

Thanks for the help OSC! I'll add a qrsqrt function to eliminate the extraneous mult. divide I was doing for normalisation as well.
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