Newbie Developer in need of help.

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The apple developer site is completely useless to me because its so huge and confusing.

Anyways, I would like to ask someone to make as small a game they can in Carbon (preferably in Project Builder) using OpenGL or whatever you would prefer. I need it to be HEAVILY documented, so I can understand every part.

Anyone willing to do this for me would be very appreciated.
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I have numerous short examples, none of them, however, use OpenGL. You are welcome to them if you like. Email me joshaber[at] or ino2[at]
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IMHO, that won't do much for you.

That's like asking someone to teach you how to do something on your computer, by writing down the steps. It works fine, but as soon as something doesn't follow the steps, you're lost, because you don't understand the underlying concepts.

The way to approach it is to take each piece in turn, and not necesarrily in relation to a game.

For example, start with events. Read the documentation on Carbon event handling and then create a program that prints a message to stdout when you press a certain key. By doing so, you'll gain a basic understanding for events.

After that, you need a menu. Create a menu bar and a menu item, that when selected, will print that same message to stdout. Then you'll have somewhat of a grasp on menus.

Next, create a program that prints the message, but does so to a window.

Etc, etc, etc.

Of course Apple's developer web site is confusing if you're trying to understand it all at once. Break it down into the smallest portion possible, and add on from there.

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Check out SDL. Its a cross platform library for graphics, audio, and input.

The site has many links to games written with it. Many include source.

It integrates well with Project Builder. It also works well with OpenGL.

Or if your interested in basic check out TNT Basic. It looks to have some pretty simple tutorials on writing a few basic games with it.
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They're not games, but they are OpenGL, they are the NeHe and (shameless plug? Why notÖ) neheX tutorials Rasp

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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Apple's developer site is actually very easy to navigate. Well, at least for me it is.

Documentation Essentials (the basics):
Carbon docs:
Carbon OpenGL docs:
Sample code:
2D Graphics sample code:
3D Graphics sample code:
Games sample code:
GlyphaIV sample code (a fantastic place to start learning games):

If you need the absolute basics of Carbon, then this is where you need to start.
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Check out the uDevgame source. I tried to comment my code well enough, and I know others have as well. That would be where I would start if I were you.
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