game programming as an artform

Matt Brown
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Programming is most definitely an art. Anyone who says Final Fantasy 8 or Myst, Riven, Exile, or Starcraft aren't works of art is blinded by his own narrow mind.
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and hey, even blork is a art. The art of tacky, corney yet really fun gamesGrin .
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Quote:Originally posted by cosmid
Feanor, I see your point and I agree but I also have every sympathy with someone trying to gather up all their graduation requirements before they hit 40

Hrm, you probably don't know how close to home you are. I went back to school in 2000, and I still have a year and a half left. I'm 32. Then again, I already have that other degree...
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if a man rolling four miles around London is 'art', and a man on a stage screaming with a broken guitar is 'art', then yes, programming is'art'.
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