Picking Cocoa or Carbon

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This is more of a "I want your opinion" type message, but eitherway..

I have a fairly good background writing code in Carbon (ghetto old toolbox calls) but I am completely using Mac OS X as a primary system..

Is Cocoa ridiculously different from Carbon in the way you deal with offscreen data.. ie: graphic information, device handling etc...

Also, do you think I should invest some time in learning Cocoa now and then just start re-writing my code base in it?

I have experience with object oriented programming but I currently code in C...

Any thoughts?

I only ask, cause I feel a little intimidated by the amount I would have to re-learn in order to make effective use of the OS.. and I still don't fully understand the advantages of Cocoa.


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If you're primarily programming games, I don't think Cocoa has significant advantages.

If you're programming applications, particularly ones with lots of user interface, then Cocoa has significant advantages.

Learning the basics of Cocoa only takes a few days. Figure out a *simple* application and do it in Cocoa. At the end, you'll either be convinced it's either for you, or not?

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Quote:Originally posted by wadesworld
If you're primarily programming games, I don't think Cocoa has significant advantages.

besides the simplistic set up, and actually going to program your game part?
I know so many people who end up spening days and days just setting up a window, key, and mouse management.
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