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Does anybody know how to set the texture for windows?
Second has anybody subclassed NSButton so that it will animate when the mouse hovers above it? Or should i make my own?

if you are curious i have a game app where the screens are changed by switching the content views of NSBoxes. I got boxes for save/resume , a nsview, options, multiplayer, and the main screen(with play,resume,quit,etc buttons).

i want to set a picture for the backaround for each content view, without using a nsimageview, and was wondering if there is a way to do it programmatically or through IB.

This is all for polish so it isnt really necessary, but i would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me.Smile
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your post brought something i knew to mind: Mac os X has been known to be an upgrade for graphical uberness, yet the windows and textures seem to be.....well.. "mandatorily standardized" :envy:
All "skinned" apps seem to have died since os X.
Perhaps you could try drawing just slightly out of the window's co-ordinates? its somewhat cheap, it would hard to make it be able to see the window buttons, and might look awful but its a worth a try.

Good luck,
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or i could lockFocus on the window and draw.Sneaky
im hesitant on doing it because im not sure if it is "right".
ive been searching around and havent found much info but ill post back if i do.
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I wrote my own skin engine a while back. It replaced the window texture with my own textures. Basically, what you have to do is make your own NSView and make sure that's the view for your window.

You'll need to make your own instance of NSWindow aswell.

If the demand is high, I might consider making it open source and ask Camacho to put it on this site.

"When you dream, there are no rules..."
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Good example of something that can be used to make "skinned" windows is the OvalWindow example on the BigNerdRanch's site.

There is also an example of this kind on apple's website but I don't remember where.
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looked for apples source and found 'roundtransparentwindow'
exactly what i needed. thanks everybodySmile
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