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Sorry, this is probably a really newbie question, but I'm now moving into Cocoa (after almost 2 years in Real Basic) and I've got a simple sidescroller in the works, I have the key input working fine, but I can't find how I get the mouse X and Y (in RB i just had to check system.mouseX/system.mouseY), i would prefer if it was window-relative (so you could choose to play the game in a windowed mode), but screen relative would be fine too (then you'll be forced to play it full screen).

Thanks for any help,
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Look around in NSEvent for getMouseLoctionInWindow. The number of times this (and questions about setting the mouse location) have been asked definitely warrant an FAQ entry.
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i usually do somthing (from an NSView) like :

[NSEvent mouseLocation].x-[[self window] frame].origin.x-[self frame].origin.x
[[self window] frame].size.height-([NSEvent mouseLocation].y-[[self window] frame].origin.y-[self frame].origin.y)
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ededed, you might want to have a look at NSView's convertPoint:fromView: and convertPoint:toView:, as well as NSWindow's convertBaseToScreen: and convertScreenToBase:. Might help avoid all those subtractions...
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