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I was just wondering a few things about OpenGL, and some of you are bound to know. I'm just curious if OpenGL can do advanced graphic features such as Bump Mapping, material modifiers (like fabric and such, or is that done in something entirely different?), or at least have the ability to have those features added by some means or another?

I wouldn't even bother asking, but I was curious.
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If you're on a PC, OpenGL can do everything the graphics hardware is capable of. If you're on a Mac, the support generally takes a "little" longer...

Dot3 bump-mapping is available on ATI Radeon and NVidia GeForce cards. The only card accelerated by Mac OS X that doesn't support it is the Rage 128.

Fabric is a software problem, though there are hardware features (such as ATI's Truform) which can help out.
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