Sound library for Carbon

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Does anybody know of a good Sound Library I could use?

I am writing in Carbon so something that is compiled for use on OS X is very preferrable..

I really don't feel like writing my own sound code as of right now.. I have many other things to do.

I need it to do the following:

- stereo panning
- volume adjustment based on distance
- asynchronus sound (obviously)
- max of about 8-12 sounds at a time (is that a lot? I don't even know..)
- be able to use mp3 format for music, and .wav or aiff for sound effects

anyways, if anybody knows of a library with that sort of built in functionality I'd love to get it.

sample code works too if you have some that does this..


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I personaly recommend FMOD, which is cross-platform, really easy to learn, easy to implement and it's free.

It has all the features you want and a lot more, check the features page on their web site. Carbon based. Codewarrior CFM and gcc Mach-O Compatible.

I could say a lot, but I'll let you read and try it by yourself!
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It's only free if your game's free, but I agree, it looks like a very nice library.
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