OGL SDK sample code compile problems

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I've been trying, in vain, to compile with MPW one of the samples which are included with the OGL SDK.
problem is, every one of them dies at compile with 'qd identifier unknown' errors. only I've #include'd practically every header file trying to fix this...

[update] tried another sample (listing 1-1, page 7-8 of the AGL Ref 1.2) which dies with different errors :

'Reference to unresolved symbol ".aglChoosePixelFormat" down to ".glFinish"'

'Unresolved external references: .aglChoosePixelFormat down to .glFinish'

'Error 3034 while linking'

right now I'm so lovin' the MPW experience Sad I've probably overlooked something really obvious, but :confused:

Mark Bishop
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...hadn't linked the stubs properly (MPW's usual problem with non-contigous names i.e. 'sealsName' == good, 'seals Name' == bad) so, now I've got an app which freezes, but at least I've got an app Wink

Mark Bishop
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To fix 'qd identifier unknown' put this line before your main()

QDGlobals qd;
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