opengl 2?

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quote from

"Hi Mike,
3DLabs have just released a PR about a new GPU they have in the pipeline. They are calling the P10 a "VPU" Visual Processing Unit and are likely to release it in Q3 of this year. They've already seeded OpenGL2.0 and DirectX9 drivers together with the hardware to some developers.

"3Dlabs' Visual Processing Architecture implements an optimized graphics pipeline, replacing previously inflexible pipeline stages with highly programmable SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) processor arrays. The P10 VPU combines over 200 SIMD processors throughout its geometry, texture and pixel processing pipeline stages to deliver over 170Gflops and one TeraOp of programmable graphics performance together with a full 256-bit DDR memory interface for up to 20GBytes/sec of memory bandwidth"

"A virtual memory subsystem, where all memory accesses are mapped into a full 16GB virtual address space, enabling P10-based boards to break through the limitations of on-board graphics memory;

* A multi-threaded command processor that enables P10 to effectively act as multiple virtual VPUs, providing stutter-free visual processing for many simultaneous threads and applications;
* Programmable units that support complex operations - including subroutines and loops - that allow application developers to implement a huge palette of visual effects."

"In addition to running all of today's workstation and mainstream 2D and 3D programs, new applications are expected to soon emerge that use advanced techniques including, but certainly not limited to:

* Real-time wavelet-based geometry and texture decompression engines that enable reduction in the size of terrain models up to 100 fold;
* Ray-casting engines for visualizing volumetric medical data sets in real-time and; * Back-end photo-realistic renderers producing stunning imagery that, for the first time, can be accelerated in hardware."

It will be interesting to watch as more information about these becomes availible, including whether or not there wil be any Mac support. 3DLabs have been central in the development and standardisation of the OpenGL 2.0 spec along with other members of the ARB, including Apple.
All the best,
Ben Boffey "

im a newbie, so forgive me, but what does this mean about opengl 2? Any info?
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You know, I first looked for info on OpenGL 2.0 on the site, and after five minutes i found nada (lots and lots on 1.2 of course) -- so I clicked to google, the answer to everything these days it seems:

Looks like it might be worth a read. Also, 3dlabs have themselves got some stuff:

OpenGL is an API, and the specification refers to what set of features and functions it offers in the interface. 1.2 is current, 2.0 is the next major revision. So 2.0 will remove some outdated things and add some other things. I think the major focus is programmability of the pipeline, a la pixel shaders and the like from nVidia.

Anyway, there's articles now popping up all over about 3DLabs new chip and so I'm off to read the one at extremetech. Guess I'll pack a little later...

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Well those sure are some bada** specs. That bandwidth is twice the Geforce 4Ti's!! Grin So if this GPU can make it out before Nvidia or ATI comes out with something 3DLABS might have a real sleeper on their hands. And if Apple has been working with them that might mean good things for Mac users? Only can hope that OpenGL 2.0 will come out soon. God you dont' know how cool per-pixel shaders are. God water effects are so real!!! Please hurry!! Grin
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Yeah maybe we poor mac programmers will finally be able to at least do bumpmapping... Smile
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