New BVH motion File editor and Truebones Motions Pak FREE

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New BVH Motion File Editor BVHacker version 1.7 has been released.

This awesome great new version of BVhacker now includes:

Improved mouse control (left mouse dolly, right mouse zoom)

Improved, clearer skeleton and cursor drawing

Improved Loop Knit function (totally smooth translation blending)

Simple scene shading (can be turned on and off from View menu)

Ability to reverse (i.e. make play backwards) the entire animation (Hack menu)

Round / Square shoulders fix (Hack menu)

Crane / Straighten neck fix (Hack menu)

Go to and register to receive the new Bvhacker 1.7 with FREE Bvh files.

Or visit to get just the new software without motions.

Please feel free to post and share this great news on your websites, Blogs, Twitters, and Facebooks!

Thanks again and Cheers
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