Upshot 1.3.0 Released

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We released a new version of Upshot yesterday, our award winning screenshot collaboration program. We implemented our two most requested features- You can now rename a screenshot before it’s uploaded, and you can now have Upshot save a copy of every screenshot to a folder on your computer.

Thanks to Seth and Eric here for their ideas, suggestions, and support for this version!

For more information, see the Upshot page.

We've found Upshot to be really helpful when collaborating on games- the ability to take a quick screenshot and send it to Scott for feedback on a new part of Solaro is huge! Especially since I do that about 4 times an hour.

Finally, feel free to use the coupon code IDEVGAMES for a discount on Upshot (or anything in our store).

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$5 off on a $15 application? Well worth it IMHO.

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