best approach for dj interface

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hi mates

im making a 2d interface for dj software, its handling touches but the interface wont be that different to anything mouse controlled. it will need buttons, waveform generated image display and a rotating image the user themselves has provided.

ive been trying to learn interface builder which is difficult as the book i have is for an earlier version. but it got me thinking, i could already do all this in open gl, im only learning (slowly) interface builder as i think it may have some advantages like adding buttons that open directories and stuff.

should i carry on learning interface builder, or will using opengl suffice?
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im in my final year of a games software degree and dont have the time to be learning anything other than what i need to pass this year, as much as i would like to.

i think what im asking is, is there an opengl gui library?
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Not one worth a damn, particularly not for touch.
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