xcode v3: some explanation of the automated generated code

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hi all!
i'm a newbie in iphone programming, i've experience in c, c++ programming and opengl.
i'd like to make games in iphone, so i have downloaded the latest version of xcode, and bought some books and seen video tutorial from:
(very great tut!)
however it seem a bit outdated, in fact when in the tut.1 explanes some function in particular for display, timing ecc...
in my xcode, the code generated automatically when i start a new project, is a bit different, and the changes made in my code (trying to copy what is in the tut.1) make the program not working.
even the number of files generated automatically are different.

my question is:
where i can find some newer tut that explains what is generated automatically and what to modify?
the newer program template is made with different functions from the old one...it is better to use this new functions?(mode stable?less filckering...?)

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Unfortunately the template has changed a lot since the tutorials were created. I've not seen any tutorials that cover the new template, but I will be posting some new tutorials soon.

I'm not going to be able to go over ALL the ground covered by the current tutorials, but will run through the new template.


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I went through the first set of NeHe tutorials and ported them to the new template and ES2.0 if that helps at all.


The place you want to start customising the stock xocde template to add more drawing is in the view controller. Have a look at:

- (void)drawFrame

If you don't care about supporting ES2.0 then you can change these lines in the awakeFromNib from this
EAGLContext *aContext = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES2];
    if (!aContext)
        aContext = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES1];

to just this:

EAGLContext  *aContext = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES1];

If you do that then you can run through the NeHe tutorials that have been ported to the iPhone ES1.0 here http://iphonedevelopment.blogspot.com/20...le-of.html
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many thanks to all
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