Is it worth supporting PPC machines?

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I was wondering if I should support PPC machines for my game.
The rendering engine currently requires OpenGL 2.0, I could lower this requirement to OpenGL 1.5, but are most of PPC machines supporting that or are they stuck on older versions (like 1.2-1.3)?

Reading this recent thread on Indiegamer forum seems the answer is NO anyway, but, what do you think?
Any stats/data to share are welcome Smile
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At this point, probably not. PPC machines can no longer run the latest OS and they haven't been manufactured for 3-4 years.

Adium's update statistics make it seem like PPC machines are pretty rare at ~2%. (at least ones that run and update Adium) Unity web player statistics show a much higher number though at ~8%.

You can think about this 2 ways. PPC users are too cheap to upgrade and won't buy your stuff anyway. PPC users have a limited software base which makes your software a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Not quite sure which of these is true, but I would lean towards the first.

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OMNI update stats put them at 7%.

To me, supporting them isn't a big deal (I'd write endian swaps into my code even if I was only intending to build little-endian, just as documentation as to where they should happen for future insurance). There are plenty of PPCs which support OpenGL 2.0 and 10.5, which I consider to be pretty much must-haves for game dev.

The larger issue is testing. I don't have a PPC Mac any more (and haven't since early 2006). I'm not convinced running in Rosetta tells me anything about correctness, and it certainly tells nothing about performance.
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If you have to do a lot of work, don't bother. If it's easy, go for it. There are still PPC users on 10.4 buying my software now and then. The next version, though, is highly optimized for Intel, so I'll be ditching PPC support then.
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If numbers are that low I think I'm probably going to drop support for PPC machines starting from this game.

The main reason is that I run a small indie company and I don't have a PPC Mac so offering good support to PPC users could be not worth the sales I'll make.

Thanks guys!
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