Slightly OT: Do you hate this site's SEARCH feature?

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Quote:I mean, let's just happily pretend Political Correctness never existed, and focus on Muskrat's point that I'm supposed to ALREADY KNOW what I'm searching for so that I can put the right words in google.

Doesn't that strike anyone as silly?

If I knew the article that well, I'd probably know the contents and wouldn't need to search!

However if I don't know if / what articles exist (default state) and I'm trying to find help on a problem, then I'm going to search on the smallest amount of keywords possible to try and get a correct and valid hit.

You can use Google to do anything that you could do with idevgames search(i.e using smallest amount of keywords possible). This isn't an excuse for the site, just pointing that out.

And regarding the insults: maybe you were not being insulting - I'll leave that to someone else. But in forumming terms, ALL CAPS denotes yelling. Maybe you were trying to emphasize, maybe you were actually yelling(without trying to be insulting), but regardless, ALL CAPS comes across as YELLING IN YOUR FACE and makes us think that you are REALLY ANGRY AND *cough*INSULTING*cough.

Just for future reference. Grin

- Lincoln Green
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Elphaba, please, I didn't need an entire dictionary notice, I think I'm smart enough to know what "Obtuse" is. =\

Also, please calm down, I don't like it when anyone just goes angry.

I'm sorry if I harmed you in any way, even though I don't think I did. =\

And I've got to say that I agree completely with HairBall183.

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The Google search box on the homepage is a good place to start. It searches and
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Oh no! What will come next in idevgames:The Drama? Grin
I would have to say though, this is a bit sad for a forum focused on Mac & IPhone Game Dev.
Come on, you don't have to blow up at everyone, its not face-to-face. Go get angry at a wall instead. Works better.
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