iBots: Launch (Robots meet ultimate frisbee in this new 2p iPad Game)

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Hi all.. We're close to finishing iBots: a new 2 player mix between airhockey, ice hockey and ultimate frisbee. With robots!

iBots is a fast paced disc throwing game. Tap to walk or flick to slide your iBot across the court to catch your opponents throw then flick to throw the disc in any direction you want. Bounce off walls or just hammer down the line to score!

Our first release will have 3 iBots with different attributes (Steel: Powerful throw but slow movement, Sting: Fast and agile but slower throw and Venom: Great all rounder)

There will be multiple courts which affect iBot movement (on the Ice court the iBots slide much further than on the Grass court) and both 2 player and 1 player (tournament) modes.

We're working on some awesome power-ups for the disc throws (speed powerup, in flight direction change and swirl and curve throws just to name a few) and leaderboards and achievements...

Check our our website and gameplay videos at http://ibotslaunch.com

This is our first game and we're keen to get as much pre-release feedback as we can. So let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for additions to the game please feel free to share!

[Image: gameplay-fire1.jpg]

[Image: standard-big-web.jpg]

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