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hey everyone, not sure if this is the correct forum but...

my name is lily--i'm writing in all lowercase because i'm a little lazy right now, haha--anyways, i am a transferring college student (so right now i'm out of school, will continue in the spring).

My original major was graphic and web design however, i had a sudden epiphany for a game idea as well as the want to be a programmer.

i was wondering if anyone can suggest a software for mmo/mmorpg development (mac os x). i want to get ahead of the class by learning a bit now.

also, where is a good place i can learn more about gaming script? I know html and css quite well.

looking forwards to being a part of this community and my future as a game developer.

oh, also--any good 3d animation programs? I know photoshop cs5 and cs4 can make objects 3d to some extent as well as some other adobe programs, which i don't have. but, any other suggestions?


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These two stickies are relevant:

The complexity of game development is hard to appreciate until you've experienced it yourself. Programming is frequently underestimated by beginners. It's an amazingly rewarding activity, so this should by no means discourage you, but you're likely to be disappointed if you try to make an MMO as your very first programming project.
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This is *the* stereotypical newbie post, I love it. Smile

Alex is correct, you have many miles to go, and those threads are ways to start. I wrote an article about making some of the more practical early game development choices.

Oh, and the time it took you to write out that bit about the lowercase was probably less than the time it would have taken you to press the shift key once in a while.

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I hear the shift key is used a lot in programming Sneaky
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