Changing Pixel Values using CG

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From my research it appears that there is no sample code that I can find that illustrates how to modify one or more pixels for the current view (I want to change pixels and not draw 1pt rects or something cheesy like that). I want to use CoreGraphics and not OpenGL.

My understanding is that what I need to do is keep around an bitmap, change the pixels in that, and then use that to create a CGImage that gets drawn to the context.

What I am trying to find is some code that actually shows this working. In other words:

1) Creating the offscreen bitmap.
2) Changing 1 pixel to red or whatever.
3) Updating the current view with the new bitmap

Does anyone have any pointers on where to find an example that does this?
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1) You create a CGBitmapContext
2) You'd modify the memory of the context
3) You'd create a CGImage for the context, and
4) You'd draw that CGImage into the current view context.

This page pretty much covers it:

The only question is where you get your view context from to use in CGContextDrawImage.

If you're drawing into a Cocoa NSView, you would get the current view context by:
(CGContextRef)[[NSGraphicsContext currentContext] graphicsPort]

If you're drawing into a UIView, you'd use UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext.
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