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Hey all,

Having professionally written/produced hundreds of unofficial video game guides for nearly 4 years now (for magazines and for my own unofficial strategy guides on the app store), I was wondering if any budding developers here were interested in working in partnership with myself?

There's a healthy market for gaming strategy guides on the App Store (just check out the top 25 of the reference charts for proof), but they're all unofficial. Which means you - as a developer/self-publisher - get zero of that income. Ninja

So instead of simply standing behind the fair-use doctrine (and it's equivalents worldwide), I would prefer to offer my services to those of you who would like an official game guide to accompany the launch of your next game.

In return for early access (under strict NDA of course) and full written permission to use official images/screenshots etc, I will provide you with a fixed percentage of the sales made (post-Apple's cut obviously). Wow

So not only will you get extra money - for realistically next to no work - I can also provide your game with solid coverage in some of the UK's biggest gaming magazines (such as GamesMaster) as I'm a regular contributor on various gaming mags here in the UK. Smile

Indie games deserve an official guide of their own, so why not work together?

My current App Store guides:

My Website:

If anyone is interested in what I can offer your games, please feel free to PM me and we can then talk more from there. Grin

Andrew Mills
Director - GamerGuide Productions Limited
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