Using IOS libraries for desktop application

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Hi all,

I'm trying to write a mesh converter application (desktop) that will take an OBJ file and convert it into a format that will allow us to load a mesh almost instantly (at least thats the theory).

Problem is the classes I use to store the ready-to-use information requires the use of the OpenGLES libraries which arent present when writing an Cocoa application.

If I try to add the IOS framework to the xCode project I get 237 errors - removing it breaks the project and still has 237 errors.

Is there any way to import OpenGLES into a project that is targeted for desktop use? Just so I can compile the program using this IOS datatype?
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You can't use iOS libraries with OS X.

Is there anything in particular that prevents you from using OpenGL? OpenGL ES is mostly just a subset of OpenGL functionality.

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Yeah, it sounds like all you need to do is just drop in the OpenGL framework from the Mac SDK and be on your merry way, if you hadn't tried that.
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If it comes down to it, you might be able to build your converter for the iPhone simulator and run it there. Clunky, but should be possible. There are ways to run iPhone simulator apps from the command line, but I'd expect it to break if the app tried to do anything with OpenGL.
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OpenGL I can get - thats not the problem. Unfortunately I'm referencing classes from another project (that does compile fine - as it should) that is targeted for iPhone/iPad. In that project its making function calls that I suspect aren't in the standard OpenGL but are in the OpenGLES subset (I've managed to get most of the way by only using OpenGL by using pragma comments to determine which platform it is).

It just seems odd that the IOS framework/SDK is sitting on my machine and yet I can't reference it or by adding the framework to the xCode project causes the entire project file to corrupt. If I could get the project to do this one thing I'd be sorted! Smile

Not too keen on the iPhone simulator option - it had crossed my mind but like you say, clunky at best.
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The SDK doesn't help you. iPhones are ARM, your Mac is Intel. Fundamentally incompatible. That's why the simulator was mentioned; the simulator includes Intel versions of the iOS frameworks. Still, your best bet will be to actually build the thing for the Mac, depending only on Mac frameworks.
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