FSF libobjc.a Updates?

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Edit: I just happened to stumble into the gcc 4.6 release bulletins and it says that support for the old Obj-C library is being phased out and a new version of the library is being released that is almost identical to Apple's library and finally adds support for Objective-C 2.0. This is great news and highlights just how bad gcc's search is (it didn't find this at all).

The search tool at gcc.gnu.org and the mailing list are incredibly unhelpful, so hopefully someone can shed light on this; is anyone currently maintaining or updating the FSF version of libobjc.a?

Google was able to come up with 3rd hand talk of an Apple engineer who is currently maintaining the library, but I'm curious if there is any active development on it at all. It and a few other libraries unfortunately appear to be all but abandoned in the gcc project and are only kept alive by "good samaritans" who fix it whenever something breaks or a problem develops.

Fortunately there is the TDM-GCC project (led by J. Eubank) which keeps a constantly updated and feature-rich 32/64 bit version of MinGW, that also includes better support for libobjc.a among others, but they make no changes to the libraries themselves.
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