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Hi All
My name is Mariusz Jasionowicz and I am offering you my music and audio services.

Before I say more, you may ask a question why, apart of the great rates should you choose me from the other 1000+ audio guys from around the network?

The answer is; I can match with all your audio needs from start to finish.

- I do music composition in most popular musical genres (from classical, to experimental electronica) 10 years +

- I do custom audio design to suit all your needs, from recording voice-overs, custom foley, to editing and polishing your existing content.

- and finally I do direct in-game implementation. Which means I put all my professional audio experience inside your game, and applying all the advanced audio engine tools will bring your level to life.

In budget project often it is a level designer or programmer who implements audio, and often he/she doesn't have the necessary understanding of audio.

Little about me;

- Currently in-house composer/sound designer at Crystal Core.
- I got 10+ years in music arranging, composition and sound design
- Level design skills (that makes me comfortable in working with game engines)
- Own professional project studio and tons of world's top audio libraries (all software commercialy licenced)
- Recording and editing audio, including voice
- Experience in synthesis

NCFE Music Technology Certificate
HND in Music Technology Diploma
BSc Game Audio Design Degree (finishing soon)

I am looking mostly for paid collaboration and my rates are "very" flexible.
However all projects will be considered.
I am open on royalty based projects (if has the pottential).

Please check out my new website;

Best Regards
Mariusz Jasionowicz
Composer/Sound Designer
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