need some guides on an iphone project

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hi guys, i am current taking iphone programming course on my own, and am quite new to the programming scene, need some help here, as this is only my 2nd post Rasp.

I have a project that is to develop something is similar to playboy application.

Can anyone gives me a heads up on how i should go about doing it?

There is a few issue my team and i were discussing about, with reference to the playboy application.

1. How should we go about starting the project, like is there any stuff we have to look out for? Cause we are thinking of doing the basic layout first then add on some enhancement, but not sure if it is a right step.

2. What is recommended for the displays? Pictures and text or those pictures embedded with text?

3. For in-app purchases, how should we include them, are they being updated from server? If it is, how should we go about developing them, and is it hard to develop it?

4. We were thinking to include dynamic content, which we figure would require a server, is it costly and hard to develop one?

Appreciate all help given here.. thanks.. Grin
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hey buddy! I am new too! Anyway gratz on your journey to become an iphone developer! Wish you luck!

cant give you proper advise... but hey i have been reading around.. so with regards to your questions...
3. For in-app purchase, it really depends on how you want to put it, from what i suppose, if you do not require constant updating, then you should lock them in as part of the application, saves you a lot of trouble.
4. Yes, you would require a server. I heard from some of my friends that it can be quite tedious and troublesome, not really sure about it.. any kind soul can help to clarify this?

Well... just my 2c of insight there... hope it is useful for you LOL
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iDevGames is about making games, and Playboy-like applications are not games. You should take this post somewhere else such as
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