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Greetings all!

I've been visiting the community for a while, but hadn't posted yet. I know this is a first post, but it's not a faux game announcement. We need lots of feedback on lots of things, and figured other developers could help!

I'll describe the game below, but first, a bit about where we are. We released the first (quite buggy) version a few months ago, and have continued to iterate. All the time it's been a war between adding more features and polishing old things. We're reaching a solid point where major features are in and now comes the polish. It would be great to get feedback from other developers to get a better sense of tragic don'ts that we did, and great dos that we didn't; after all, this is our first game.

Anyway, we're specifically trying to better the following things:

UI - it needs a lot of polish. several areas are not intuitive, and we've heard comments that it's intimidating.
Story - we have lots and lots of the story written, but only have gotten small components in. We need a better way to weave in our rich story. Cut-scenes? people don't read...
Seamlessness - The game is very grungy at times... it may be confusing or unintuitive, or plain buggy.
Ramping Up - We want a good learning curve. We don't want to intimidate new users, but we don't want to bore quick learners.
Multiplayer - We know it's slow and buggy... working hard on it!
Other Comments?

And more concretely (for me):
Fails! What are the 5 worst things about the game?
Successes! What are the 5 best things?
Bugs... What are the 5 most irritating bugs?
Fun - How much fun are you having?

Oh and, sorry about the register screen! we will be getting rid of that soon.


And now.... I must switch hats!

[Image: 0xzRp.jpg]

Scientists have recently discovered a world parallel to our own, inhabited by sprit-like creatures. EsperCorp is spearheading research to unlock the secrets of the spirit world. Your help is required to find and document all these mysterious Espers. Be part of the discovery effort!

Become a field agent for EsperCorp and encounter Espers all over the world. Geomon unlocks a portal into the Esper world right on your iPhone. Capture wild spirits to add to your collection. Battle and train your team to gain powerful new abilities. You can even trade with other agents to complete your collection.

Always be vigilant! The Espers that appear change depending on where, and when, you are in the real world. A difference of 5 hours, 5 miles, 5 degrees, or 5 levels can drastically change the Espers you encounter. Even the weather attracts strange new creatures that no one has seen before!

Train powerful spirits! Over 100 creatures are believed to exist with more constantly being discovered. Be the first to find the next one!

Join EsperCorp today!

To download Geomon, visit:

[Image: z3h9.png]
[Image: fsho.png]
[Image: ceo0.png]
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no feedback? Sad
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Is this supposed to be some sort of pokemon type game. I really like the artwork. I would suggest if you create these types of games, you use artwork in the Japanese anime style as they are more popular among kids.

Good luck on the game.
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