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I'm a professional Mac developer working for an established and successful Mac business software developer. Although my work is challenging and rewarding in its way, I've always preferred to make software focussed on fun and creativity.

I've been writing C and Objective-C/Cocoa apps for ten years, the last four professionally. I have a wide range of skills and excellent OOP abilities. I know the standard OpenGL pipeline and have general knowledge of shaders. I have put together a small (erm, tiny) Objective-C scene graph library and some sample code.

I have, like most developers, many ideas, inspired by various classic and indie games.

I have some rudimentary artistic and design skills, but that's not my preferred area of focus. And I know very little about music.

I do have between four and twelve hours per week to work on personal projects, and I am looking for one to three other people with a complementary skill set who would be willing and able (and sufficiently disciplined) to make a similar time contribution towards making a small, simple, fun (and hopefully artful, well-designed and polished) game or similar program (virtual toy, edutainment, whatever).

I'm not necessarily looking for experience. I'm most definitely not looking for some know-nothing with a dream of riches who wants to exploit programmers. Nor am I that sort of person. (I sometimes dream of riches, but only enough to be free to work on whatever I want to work on full time.)

I'm looking to form a partnership with equally serious-minded developers. I need someone with artistic ability, someone with whom I can collaborate to solidify a good idea into a good design. Additional programming ability wouldn't be bad, either. Eventually business management ability would be essential, if we made it that far.

I have made failed attempts to start something in the past back when I had too little experience and too little freedom. But now that I've shipped real professional software on Mac and iOS, I'm in a better position to help keep a side project on course, and optionally to act as team lead if necessary.

This is a call for a partnership: equal ownership, equal say, equal contribution, equal reward. Of course, lesser or greater contribution necessitates negotiation for fair division of rewards, if any. Most important, I think, is not money, but being able to say that we finished something.

I am an old-time member of iDevGames going back to 2002-2005 when I nicknamed myself FĂ«anor. But now you can just call me Brent.

Once you have contacted me detailing your experience, skills and willingness/ability to contribute, we can discuss specific game ideas, ideally over e-mail or some kind of instant message medium. I don't use Facebook.

Brent Gulanowski
aka BoredAstronaut on Twitter
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Is still this job available...
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Hi Brent,

Please check your PM.

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