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Hello Everyone!

I'm currently finish 3d year of BC in Computer Science and in the next year i will have to present my final year project, so i decide to make the game for iPhone and possible Andorid

during summer holidays im playing arround with a tools, just to get used to it.
Tools are:
Shiva - Game Engine Tool (didnt like it)
Unity - Game Engine Tool (decide to use it for my project)
Maya - 3D modeling tool
3Ds Maks - 3D modelinf tool
possible will cover ZBrush just for experience
PhotoShop - specially for textures
ACID Pro + VSTi - Music Dev tool

Also i have programming skills: C/C++/Java/PHP/HTML/JS/SQL/XML
since i start Unity learning also C# (very similar to Java i should say)

So i have several questions:
1) as far as i know iPhone terminate app if it exceed some power limit,
What should i take in count to avoid that? How 3D models might effect it? is there any rules on how many Edges/Faces/Vertices/Polygons should have model? how detailed should be model? Any other performance tips i should take on board? or Unity will handle everything on export to iOS?

2) about 3d modeling: which tool to use Maya or 3Ds Maks? I complete several tutorials already on Maya and get used to it already, now starting 3DS Maks and it doesn't feels right after Maya, maybe im wrong and i need to spend more time on it, however I get confused with textures in 3DS Maks its very easy to do Unwrap UV and build unwrapped map which u can export to PhotoShop and apply textures there, Can Maya do the same?
Why Autodesk have 2 nearly similar products? what the different if you can achieve nearly same result in both programs? and again which one to use?

3) Any other advices I should consider?

Thnak You Very Much
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Well, if you are doing an iPhone game Maya has the advantage of running on the Mac without virtualization. You can't build iPhone games in Unity for Windows I don't think.

There is no power/performance restrictions, though there are memory restrictions.

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(1) The iPhone will terminate your app if it doesn't start up fast enough or it exceeds the available memory without being able to free that memory. I've never heard of any power restrictions.

Your questions about detail are tough to answer. Generally, the more detail something is, the more expensive it will be to load & render & store in memory. That's impacted by a lot of things though (what device you're targeting, how many materials you're using, how well the engine is batching)...

Look at what other 3D iPhone games are getting away with to get a general feel for what you can pull off. Then go way simpler, since those games were likely made by professional teams with 40+ hours a week to work.

(2) Don't rule out 3ds Max quite yet. The general rule is that whatever your first modeling package is is the one you like most... until you use the other one more. :-) They're both competent though, so you should be fine picking one and running with it.

Autodesk has 2 similar products because it likes to buy up the works of its competition. ;-) It also owns XSI, which is another decent 3D modeling package.

(3) Other advice - as a student, your biggest risk is going to be managing your project scope. The common mistake with beginners is to try to do way more than their time & experience allows. 3D game projects are always bigger than you initially think. Keep a close eye on that.
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