detecting 2 touches, is order of touch significant?

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i have to scale images with 2 finger.
if the finger don't touch contemporaly touchesBegin doesn't detect the initial distance between 2 points.
if the second touch arrives after the first, touches moved starts.

the strange thing happening is:
when i touch the screen with one finger on the left of the screen, and detect the position of the touch, and then i add the second finger on the right of the screen, starts touchesMoved [mmmmm] and, the result is:
x1=48.500000 y1=455.500000 x2=29.500000 y2=240.500000

if i touch with the first finger on the right, the the left (touching the same points)
x1=73.000000 y1=29.000000 x2=451.500000 y2=264.000000

why the coordinates are not the same?
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It looks as if x1y1 are set to which finger touches first. Then x2y2 is set for the second finger. But on your second example it looks like y1 and x2 are getting flopped. At least by comparing it by your first example. Wink
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A little picture of where you are placing your fingers would help with this question.

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i have found that i didn't set multiple touch enabled!
setting up now it works.
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