Collision detection tutorial

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In case it's of any interest to people here, I've written a new tutorial, this time on basic collision detection. It's split into multiple parts, and only the first part is done so far, but maybe it'll be of some use as it is now. I'll post additional parts here as they're completed. Also, feedback is welcome!
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Looks cool!
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Very nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing!
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Great AABB collision detection tutorial! You could expand it to include other geometry otherwise it really covers AABB collision pretty extensively.

Definitely would have helped me to read through some months back when I had to port some AABB sweep collision detection code.
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Thank you.


iFrog is coming.
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Hey, good job, this is definitely very well written.
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I also want to see AABB collision detection tutorial now but how ? I really don't know that how to watch tutorial ?
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You don't watch it, you read it. The link to the full article is in the first post.
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