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I would like to use luabind together with lua 5.1.4 in xcode but unfortunatelly I can't get it to work. Lua alone works fine. In terms of luabind, i didn't build any of it because I simply don't get how to do it. instead I tried to link the headerfiles directly in xcode which works fine (at least I don't get any linking errors). Anyways, I get quite alot of template based errors where I don't know where they are coming from. Did anybody manage to use luabind on a mac? Or maybe even build it to a dylib, or framework?
Google almost gave me nothing on this subject. thanks!
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I had the same problem. Did you undef check and nil? If not you can do it by going into luabind.h and making it look like this:

#ifdef check
#undef check

#ifdef nil
#undef nil

#include <luabind/config.hpp>
#include <luabind/class.hpp>
#include <luabind/function.hpp>
#include <luabind/open.hpp>

#define check

#define nil

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