Same/Sane [uDG 2011]

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(Oct 11, 2011 01:51 PM)Zorg Wrote:  I played and beat this game. It could be more polished (and offer a mouse sensitivity and inversion preference for example). In the chapter with the room, you can "escape" it without dying immediately at level 19, which looks like a bug to me. It seems like the game has changed since the description in the first post here.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite games from the contest. I wish there were more chapters though. I really liked the gameplay, disturbing music, and story/dialogues/speech feel to it.
Thanks for the kind words Zorg! Just as thought no one cared about this game I made XD Glad you liked it!
Yea, I actually had a few more chapters planned, but didn't have enough time to finish them, so had to cut them all out Sad And the game was a a bit rushed, as I wanted to do a lot. This winterbreak, I'll probably end up putting the rest of the chapters together and rerelease this as a more complete game Smile
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Don't sell yourself short here. You got a solid game idea. Just needs to be polished the heck out of.
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Guys, I've been trying to contact you for days. You need to submit your postmortem and prize list *today* if you want to receive any prizes, otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to drop you. Annoyed
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