Congratulations to uDevGame Entries!

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Hi folks,

Its been awhile since I've been on the site. I didn't know a contest was going on until I got an email to come vote! Ah well, I've probably been too busy to make a game anyway.

Anyway, I just finished playing all of the games and casting my votes.
Congratulations to all the entries. There were some really good ones this year. Retro pixel art seems to be in fashion. My favorite was Flying Sweden. I was giggling the whole time. Kung Fu Killforce and Leader of Mans were close behind. Kudos to Extendaword as well. I love word games. I enjoyed playing all of them though. I'll try to post some individual comments for all the games when I get a chance. Probably this weekend.

Congrats all!

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I just finished casting my votes as well. Congratulations to all the developers who finished an entry! And thank you to Seth and Carlos and everyone who made it happen!

I love all the pixel art this year. I laughed out loud the first time I saw my Flying Sweden flying sideways through the sky. I almost gave Leader of Mans a 10 for its title alone. Several entries felt complete and polished (Flying Sweden, Kung Fu Kill Force, Z1, Your Story, Leader of Mans) and several others stood out to me as having great potential which I hope get developed further (Convergence, Worminator, Felinity). I liked the originality of Dicetris, Felinity, and Extendaword (I don't know if Extendaword is actually original -- but I don't think I've ever seen it before). But they are all great efforts.

When do we get to find out the results?

Chris Burkhardt
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Thanks Chris, but all I did was get out of Seth's way.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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how could i participate in this contest?
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Hey Kevin. This year's contest is over. You can play the games that were entered here:

And stick around until summer of next year for another contest!

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